Give back your time to inspire the next generation of students and graduates whilst developing your own skills.

Get involved

Join hundreds of alumni and friends who share their expertise and insights whilst developing their own skills.

Live opportunities

Although we seek volunteers to support students and graduates all year round, we sometimes need alumni to help us urgently. We will post these activities in this section.

'Ask Alumni About' Networking Series

We are looking for alumni  to join our lunchtime networking sessions to share insights about their industry with current students and recent graduates.

Coming up next:

Register here for Creative Arts (25 April, 1-2pm)

Register here for Sustainability (30 May, 1-2pm)

Inspire the Greenwich community

Share the knowledge and experience you’ve gained since graduating with our current students through inspirational talks, such as the Big Picture Seminar series, or alumni case studies, like Greenwich Snapshots.

Network, mentor and advise

Ask Alumni+ is an online community where you can ask alumni for advice. Beneficial to both current and former students, alumni are encouraged to create a profile detailing their expertise and the ways in which they can offer advice.

The university also runs a variety of virtual and in-person mentoring schemes throughout the year and across all faculties, with Ask Alumni+ the new home for Career Mentoring at Greenwich.

If you would like further information about Career Mentoring at the university, please email mentoring@repetolist.com, and see our Live Opportunities, above, for open mentoring applications.

Help prospective students

Prospective students often ask to hear from an alumnus who was either on the same programme or is from the same region, ideally both! If you would be open to hearing from prospective students via email or skype, please let us know and we will add your details to our list of volunteers.

In addition, colleagues attending recruitment fairs and related events can often benefit from alumni participation. Again, let us know if you would be happy to attend a recruitment event near you and speak to prospective students in person.

Offer employment opportunities

A placement enables students and graduates to apply their knowledge and acquire practical experience during or shortly after their studies.

Our Employability & Careers Service can work with you or your contacts to source students or graduates for your business. We are also interested in hearing about virtual opportunities and any other ways we might be able to work together to enhance student and graduate employability.

Degree Apprenticeships

Greenwich offers a range of degree apprenticeships to employers. The University is an established training provider working directly with employers across many sectors. Find out more about degree apprenticeships.

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Our alumni community comprises of 250,000 former students. Through soon-to-be established alumni societies, we will plan and connect alumni to each other by interests, whether they are regional, professional or purely social. Please get in touch to register your interest.

In the meantime, we  want to support alumni who are interested in organising an alumni reunion or a networking event to meet former students either near you or working in a similar industry. Alumni events, whether on or offline, are a great way to grow your network and ours.

We can provide you with guidance, promote your event and manage registrations. We may also be able to help you source a speaker or liaise with a venue on your behalf.

  • Now that I have graduated, there were things I wish I had known during my time at university. So I felt it was important for me to become a volunteer to pass on knowledge and to guide current students.

    - Clinton Niemba, BSc Sports Science